7 Ways Your Car Engine Can Give Better Performance

A car’s engine is like the brain is to the human body, without it the car is just a steel shell. It is vital for any car owner to take good care of their vehicle’s engine. We often forget to maintain our engine’s health on a regular basis. Most times we don’t take our car to the mechanic or lubricant specialists australia until it starts making a noise or stops working completely. That, however, can mean that your engine’s life is cut in half. Here are a few things one can do on a regular basis to not only ensure their engine’s health and long life but its everyday performance capabilities as well.

Spark troubles

One small detail people often overlook is regularly replacing their spark plugs. A spark plug ignites a small spark between the fuel and the air in which causes the engine to flare up. If you have a faulty spark plug you might experience misfires or trouble starting your car. If a spark plug isn’t upgraded regularly your car is most likely to stop working at a completely unfortunate time.

Mechanical to electric

A big favor you can do your car is if you replace the mechanical parts of your car to electrical ones. It will do wonders for your vehicle’s horsepower. Replacing your engine’s fans and fuel pump can greatly improve how powerful your car is. Mechanical parts often draw from your car’s horsepower and that leaves only your acceleration and speed.

Exhaust and air flow

It is commonly known that adding more exhausts increases your car’s ability to run faster. Installing another exhaust increases the flow of exhaust with less restriction for the vehicle. Make sure that if you do get another exhaust installed that it runs all the way through and doesn’t just split at the end. But be warned some cities have strict sound ordinances, so check before you go for this option.

Car diet

Your car’s weight can affect how fast it goes. The lighter the car the better the engine can run. Shed some of that extra weight. That being said it doesn’t mean you take out integral parts of the car, which could prove to be fatal. A few ways to lessen the load could be that you try not to carry load in your trunk. Install fiber counterparts for your hood and trunk or lighter, higher performance, rims. You could replace the traditional brakes with disc brakes or the glass windows with acrylic. Be sure not to remove the airbags as they are essential for your safety. Consult with your mechanic before deciding to remove any part of the car.

Computing power

Computers play a big role in cars today. Changing how some of the sensors read can allow you to get more horsepower from your car. With some programming skills the air to fuel ratio or ignition timing can be modified to achieve higher torque and horsepower.

Super and turbo

Installing superchargers or turbochargers greatly improve your vehicle’s horsepower. Both installations help the car take in more air than it does. Air is drawn in and a large amount of pressure is created and compressed creating what is known as a boost. A supercharger is attached to the belts in the engine of the car and a turbocharger is traditionally found at the exhaust end.

Cat-back exhaust

Replacing the factory exhaust pipe with a cat-back exhaust behind the catalytic convertor will push the exhaust gasses out much faster leaving more space for air and fuel, thus resulting a higher airflow and more powerful torque.
These are some techniques you can apply to ensure your engine performs better and your car runs faster than ever before.

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