How to choose car engine oil types , be it diesel or gasoline? Knowing how to choose the car’s engine oil is always an important decision. There are so many types of engine oil, apparently all such similar lubricants, different abbreviations and seemingly inexplicable cost differences. A wrong choice, however, can compromise your engine.

Proper maintenance of car oil is vital for the life and correct operation of each car. Then what engine oil to use: how to navigate the engine oil classification? For example, what happens when choosing an economical engine oil? The brands of engine oil are important. Do not be too attracted by the price: if you see a lubricant of an unknown brand at an extremely low price at the supermarket, be wary of it. The quality, unfortunately, you pay. And it would be foolish to save, risking to compromise the whole engine of your car: with the wrong engine oil the damages can reach thousands of euros. It is also good to remember that the oil level must be checked regularly, it is not enough to avoid having a degraded engine oil. There are engines and engines, some do not even eat a drop of oil between one coupon and another, others do. This is why it is useful to keep an eye on the level during the time.

When to change engine oil? The correct regularity is fundamental, because the engine oil is consumed and degraded. The petrol engine oil should normally be replaced in a range between 10,000 and 20,000 km, mileage indicated in the vehicle use and maintenance manual. For the oil of a diesel engine, however, these figures reach up to values ​​of 30 / 35,000 km, even if on the engines of the latest generation the range of coupons has been reduced a lot (even to 15,000 km).

Common sense, however, says that it is better if these mileage intervals are anticipated, because it can only do well with the engine. In addition, keep in mind that the prescriptions of the houses provide for maintenance at fixed intervals, in years or kilometers (which of the two requirements takes place first). So even if you go a long way, it’s important that you replace the lubricant often.

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